D191; D1236 - Papers of Sir Cyril Burt - 1886-1970; 2019

Papers of Sir Cyril Burt including: Biographical material: correspondence, 1902-1974, photographs and other biographical papers; Notes of books read and study material including photocopies of duplicated handouts issued by Prof Sir Cyril Burt while teaching psychology at University College, Abery...

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Main Creator: Hearnshaw, Leslie
Other Creators: Burt, Cyril
Archive level description: Sub-sub fonds
Physical Description:68 boxes, 1 scroll

Papers of Sir Cyril Burt including: Biographical material: correspondence, 1902-1974, photographs and other biographical papers; Notes of books read and study material including photocopies of duplicated handouts issued by Prof Sir Cyril Burt while teaching psychology at University College, Aberystwyth (1945) and University College, London 1948; Diaries, 1900-1912, 1936, 1953-1971; Correspondence re his work; Material on various topics; Notes and Articles; Notes, lectures, draft articles, journals, books, degree certificates, obituaries etc.Some of the papers comprise photocopies of papers held by former students of Sir Cyril Burt, Dr Agnes Crawford of the University of Liverpool and Dr A R Jonckheere of University College, London


This material includes prejudices in the form of offensive language and/or illustrative depictions of persons with learning and/or intellectual disabilities. The University of Liverpool’s Special Collections and Archives (SCA) are committed to addressing historic inequalities and discrimination as present within the descriptions of the collections. Please contact scastaff@liverpool.ac.uk for more information.

Date:1886-1970; 2019
Reference Number:D191; D1236

Professor Hearnshaw put the papers in order prior to their deposit, appendix three of his Cyril Burt: Psychologist gives a broad classification of these papers.

The archive is arranged into the following sections:

  • D191/1 Biographical Material
  • D191/2 Miscellaneous Correspondence
  • D191/3 Biographical Material including Photographs
  • D191/4 Notes of books read and study materials collated
  • D191/5 Diaries
  • D191/6 Correspondence
  • D191/7 Correspondence and articles with various journals, individuals and societies
  • D191/8 Correspondence and Agreements with publishers
  • D191/9 Cyril Burt: Miscellaneous (MENSA)
  • D191/10 Correspondence and Other Material Relating to The British Journal Of Psychology Statistical Section
  • D191/11 B.B.C. Radio and Television
  • D191/12 Correspondence with Dr. W. Shockley, etc.
  • D191/13 Association of Educational Psychologists
  • D191/14-15 Correspondence
  • D191/16 I.Q. Test material and Correspondence
  • D191/17 Correspondence
  • D191/18 Correspondence
  • D191/19 Correspondence with Mrs Beatrice Warde etc.
  • D191/20 Material on Various Topics
  • D191/21 Physiognomy and Cutaneous Sensations
  • D191/22 Intelligence: reports etc.
  • D191/23 Initial Teaching Alphabet
  • D191/24 Mental Deficiency, Maladjustment, Day Dreams, Case Studies
  • D191/25 Physical Research
  • D191/26 Education
  • D191/27 Proofs of Articles
  • D191/28 Lectures: Notes and Outlines
  • D191/29 Factor Analysis: Correspondence and Notes
  • D191/30 Material for Second Edition of Factors of the Mind
  • D191/31 Offprints
  • D191/32 Offprints Etc. All by Sir Cyril Unless Otherwise Stated
  • D191/33 Cyril Burt: books, author's copies
  • D191/34 Cyril Burt: books, author's copies (some by other authors)
  • D191/35-39 Psychology books by other authors
  • D191/40 Books on various subjects by other authors
  • D191/41 Foreign Psychology Books, Psychology Books and Books on various subjects
  • D191/42 Miscellaneous Notes, Obituaries of Burt and others, Drawings and Sketches, Papers and Cuttings relating to the Intelligence Controversy
  • D191/43 Publications, Newspaper Cuttings, Correspondence, Photographs of the Burt family
  • D191/44 Copies of published reports, talks/lectures and papers, some written as a joint author
  • D191/45 Cyril Burt: copies of journal articles, etc.
  • D191/46 Degree certificates, journal articles, by and referring to Sir Cyril Burt
  • D191/47 Copies of journal articles by Cyril Burt, 1912-33
  • D191/48 Copies of journal articles by Cyril Burt, and copies of journal articles referring to Cyril Burt
  • D191/49 Copies of Education, Papers of and relating to Mrs Beatrice Ward, lectures, Articles and Manuscripts
  • D191/50 Lecture Notes
  • D191/51-59 Lecture notes, articles, notes and manuscripts.
  • D191/60 Lectures, Articles, Notes, Drafts, Correspondence, Copies of Journals and Reprints
Custodial History:D191 was received by Professor Hearnshaw principally from Sir Cyril Burt's sister Dr Marion Burt and from his Secretary Miss Gretyl Archer, who agreed to their deposit with the University Archives once Prof Hearnshaw had completed his biography. D1236 is a later, associated addition.
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The Papers of the Society of British Psychologists which were housed in the Department of Psychology, University of Liverpool, for a number of years were transferred ca. 1999 to the Psychology Division, School of Sciences, University of Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent. For further details concerning BPS archive collections please visit the British Psychological Society on-line Archive catalogue here.

D336 Professor Hearnshaw's research papers for Cyril Burt: Psychologist, this has been included in Archive of the University of Liverpool: Staff papers, surname H

Bibliography:[Book] Hearnshaw, L S,Cyril Burt: Psychologist , Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1979.
Biographical/Administrative Information:Sir Cyril Lodowic Burt (1883-1971), Psychologist and advocate of intelligence testing. Assistant Lecturer in Physiology and Lecturer in Experimental Psychology at the University of Liverpool, 1908-1913; Psychologist to London County Council (Education Department) 1913-1932; Professor of Education, University of London, 1924-1931; Professor of Psychology, University College London, 1931-1950; Editor British Journal of Psychology.