Incorporating the records of the Universities Athletics Union, the Women's Inter-'Varsity Athletics Board, the Dominion Students Athletics Union, the British Universities Sports Federation, the British Students Sports Federation, the British Polytechnics Sports Association, and the British Colleges Sports Association, and including records of British students' participation in international competition.

Common Abbreviations -

  • AAA: The Amateur Athletics Association
  • BSSF: British Student's Sports Federation
  • BUSA: British Universities' Sports Association
  • BUSB: British Universities' Sports Board
  • BUSF: British Universities' Sports Federation
  • CCPR: The Council for Physical Recreation
  • CESCU: The European Commission of Student Sport and Culture
  • CIE: Confederation Internationale des Etudiants
  • DES: The Department of Education and Science
  • FISU: Fedération Internationale du Sport Universitaire
  • IUS: The International Union of Students
  • IVAB: Inter-Varsity Athletics Board
  • US: The National Union of Students
  • UAU: Universities' Athletics Union
  • WIVAB: Women's Inter-Varsity Athletics Board