Notes, drafts of papers, minutes of meetings etc., assembled by Anne Dennier as a member of the team at Colin Buchanan and partners re the South Hampshire Study (regarding expansion in the South East of England and its implications for South Hampshire); copy of Regional studies in Ireland, Sep 1968 commissioned by the United Nations on behalf of the Government of Ireland and undertaken by Colin Buchanan and Partners in association with Economic consultants Ltd (Miss Dennier was again a member of the team)
Date: 1964-1968
Robert Graham's correspondence with Sir Cyril Burt including original introduction by Sir Cyril Burt to The Future of Man by Robert Graham 1963-1971; copy of Robert Graham The Future of Man, The Christopher Publishing House, Massachusetts, 1970 which includes an abrided introduciton by Sir Cyril Burt; Typescript of Klark Graham's The human situation and its reparation n.d. [c. 1995]
Date: 1963-1971; n.d. [c1995 ]
Papers of Jacoba J Milovich, comprising: Jacoba J Milovich, To whatever nation they belong; extracts from letters and diaries, translated from the Dutch, relating in part to her nursing service as a nurse in a field hospital at St Oedenrode, Holland in September 1944 and at bourg Leopold, Belgium in October-November 1944 when she was closely involved with the work of Major J M Leggate, Commanding Officer of the 46th Field Surgical Unit, British Liberation Army
Date: 1994; 1940s