D709 3/13/1/10 - File: `County Council-SDP' - Aug 1983-Jun 1989

File of papers relating to SDP members of Devon County Council, including:


File of papers relating to SDP members of Devon County Council, including:

  • Inner file: `1985 County Council Elections. Press cuttings' containing collection of cuttings from local newspapers referring to Devon County Council election campaign, May 1985; also copies of campaign literature for SDP candidates and copy of booklet Alliance Campaign for Devon 1985
  • Inner file: `SDP County Councillors' containing news cuttings referring to SDP councillors and correspondence between county councillors and David Owen on various local and personal issues, include letters from Chris Curry, G.N. Streeter, Tony Martin, Harold Luscombe and David Stanbury
  • Inner file (no label) containing papers relating to budget proposals by Devon County Council, including several editions of the newsletter of the Alliance Group on the Council, the Devon Alliance News, Aug 1985-Feb 1987, with sections on budget decisions on rate levels; letter to David Owen from Plymouth constituent, 10 Feb 1986, objecting to the increase in rates proposed by the Council, with copy of David Owen's reply; copy of letter sent by Joseph H. Ellison to the Chairman of the Council objecting to rate increases, 10 Apr 1986; reference information; also with annotated draft of article by David Owen for the Western Morning Herald on the influence of the SDP/Liberal Alliance on the Devon County Council
  • Group of material concerning the May 1989 County Council elections, including photocopied news cuttings and copies of David Owen's letters to candidates prior to the elections

Several duplicated records within this file have been extracted Originally part of reference filing system

Date:Aug 1983-Jun 1989
Reference Number:D709 3/13/1/10